Rent of drones in Monterrey

We offer a comprehensive service in photography and aerial video for events, work progress, commercials and companies.

Rent of drones in Monterrey and all of Mexico

We also have a team of certified operators to offer a quality service to our customers!

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Professional team

We have different types of drones to cover your project or event with the right equipment.

Certified operators

Our work team is properly trained to provide you with an excellent service.

Always on time

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Photography and video with drone

We work with a professional team to document the spaces from very high points of view, we also deliver high quality images for industry, work progress, views for renderings, visualization of land, etc.

We have professional team for a very stable flight.

We have the ability to make images even in low light conditions and to clearly appreciate a night city scene.

Work advance

We know the complexity with which a construction is carried out in addition to the importance of documenting every detail. We have drones that take HD photography and video for aerial views.

Using drones in your project will allow a better monitoring of the work, both from the progress of the work, as well as the inspection of the work units, logistics, safety measures, as well as hygiene at work.

Social events

Have an incredible memory in your event, that’s why in Pixelero, we offer the photographic or video record of your sporting event, wedding, fifteen years or any social event. Share with the attendees, a unique point of view, in this type of events.

Give your event a plus with a unique opportunity to keep a special memory of that unforgettable moment.

Drones in Monterrey and all of Mexico

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Rent of drones in Monterrey

Drones have great potential in very diverse areas, since they can move quickly over irregular or rugged terrain and can overcome any type of obstacle by offering bird-eye images and other information collected by different sensors.

Making a drone video allows us to obtain a perspective never seen before, technology that has been developed very recently and allows us to cover very large areas outdoors and even indoors.

As a result of the advancement in new technologies, the use of drones is revolutionizing the way of obtaining aerial shots, even in sectors of the industry obtaining much more precise work advances, as well as 3D models at very affordable prices.

The rent of drones in Monterrey has been growing little by little, count on us to provide you with one of our drones and make fantastic shots on large or high terrains or where you need it, we are at your service at: Rent of drones Monterrey.

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